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At Least 1,100 People Have Died in Spain and Portugal From Heatwave

At least 1,100 people have died in Spain and Portugal due to illness related to the stifling heatwave.

Temperatures soared into the triple digits (up to 11f degrees F) as wildfires raged in parts of Spain and France.

Britain’s Royal Air Force was forced to use another airfield after the runway at Brize Norton Air Base ‘melted.’

Climate alarmists are blaming global warming and climate change on the latest summer heatwave baking Europe.

ABC News reported:

As Western Europe experiences a record-breaking heat wave, Spain and Portugal have reported at least 1,169 heat-related deaths, according to each country’s ministry of health.

At least 510 people died from heat-related issues in Spain between July 10 and July 18, the country’s health ministry said. Of those deaths, 273 were recorded on Friday, officials said. Another 659 heat-related deaths were recorded in Portugal between July 7 and July 17, local officials said.

Thousands of firefighters were having trouble containing forest fires in France, Spain and Portugal that have destroyed thousands of acres of land. The fires have forced thousands of people to evacuate to safety, as extreme heat grips the region.

In southern France, more than 14,000 people were forced to flee as fires spread to more than 27,180 acres of land. The country’s Interior Ministry also issued red alerts for heat waves for 15 French departments and orange alerts for 51 departments on Sunday.

France, reached a high of 40.8 degrees Celsius — 105.44 Fahrenheit — on Sunday. Temperatures remained high on Monday and Tuesday, but were expected to break by Wednesday.

Checking in on the windmills in Spain:

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