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CLOWN SHOW: Joe Biden’s Cybersecurity Czar Says “Systemic Racism” Is the Major Threat – And US Is Intrinsically Racist Society

The clown show continues.

Joe Biden hired a new cybersecurity czar who believes systemic racism is a major threat to American security.

Camille Stewart also believes the US is intrinsically racist.

Stewart is an expert at removing “disinformation” from the Google app store — in other words, she’s a committed leftist.

Another crackpot.

Once again it must be asked — If the Biden regime and Democrat Party wanted to destroy the US what would they be doing differently?

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

President Joe Biden’s incoming cyber defense deputy has claimed that “systemic racism” is one of the greatest threats to U.S. cybersecurity.

Camille Stewart, a former Google strategist whom Biden reportedly tapped for White House deputy national cyber director, has argued that “our #NatSec apparatus must be a part of dismantling systemic racism,” and “pursuing anti-racist and anti-hate policy outcomes” should be a chief national security focus for the administration.

Biden’s new hire is likely to stoke concerns from Republican legislators that his administration has been more focused on pushing a race-focused ideological agenda than on traditional national defense issues—such as the increasing risk of cyberattacks from Russia, Iran, and China. The Department of Justice said in June it is bracing for more cyberwarfare from adversarial countries. Last month, the FBI revealed it intercepted an Iranian-backed cyberattack against Boston Children’s Hospital, and Russian hackers targeted an American satellite company in Ukraine earlier this year.

Stewart, who served as policy adviser for the Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security, has criticized the United States as an intrinsically racist society in her writing and on social media.

The post CLOWN SHOW: Joe Biden’s Cybersecurity Czar Says “Systemic Racism” Is the Major Threat – And US Is Intrinsically Racist Society appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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