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JUST IN: Highland Park Fourth of July Mass Shooter Bobby Crimo Indicted on 117 Counts

The Highland Park Fourth of July shooter was indicted on 117 counts on Wednesday.

22-year-old Bobby Crimo shot 30 people, 7 fatally, at a Highland Park Fourth of July parade earlier this month.

Crimo was known to law enforcement before the mass shooting.

The police were at Crimo’s residence twice – once for a suicide attempt and once to remove knives because of a murder threat to his family.

Sgt. Christopher Covelli of the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force told reporters earlier this month that police had been at his home one time after he was threatening to kill family members.

Police removed 16 knives, a dagger and a sword.

Bobby Crimo’s arraignment is set for August 3rd, according to ABC News.

ABC News reported:

The young man accused of carrying out a mass shooting at a suburban Chicago Fourth of July parade, killing seven people and injuring dozens of others, has been indicted on 117 counts, prosecutors in Lake County, Illinois, said Wednesday.

Robert “Bobby” Crimo III is charged with 21 counts of first-degree murder (three counts for each victim) as well as 48 counts of attempted murder and 48 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm (for each person hit by a bullet, bullet fragment, or shrapnel), prosecutors said.

“Our investigation continues, and our victim specialists are working around the clock to support all those affected by this crime,” Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart said in a statement.

Authorities said they believe the mass shooting had been planned for weeks.

Crimo told police he wore women’s clothing during the shooting and used makeup to hide his facial tattoos and blend in with the crowd during the chaos, prosecutors said. Crimo was apprehended hours later and prosecutors said the 21-year-old confessed to the shooting.

After the shooting, the suspect’s father, Bobby Crimo Jr., told ABC News he was “shocked,” adding, “I had no — not an inkling, warning — that this was going to happen.”

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