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Anna Paulina Luna, Running for US Congress, Fights Against Drug Addiction and Human Trafficking for the Hispanic Community

Anna Paulina Luna is running for US Congress in Florida.  She wants to represent her district and Hispanics across the country who are flocking to the GOP in record numbers.

Anna Paulina Luna says being born in America is like winning the lottery and she never gave up in spite of what she faced.  Her family dealt with drug addiction and didn’t have a lot of money, yet they persevered.  She graduated from high school and joined the US Air Force.

On the day she was ready to go to medical school she received a call from Charlie Kirk, with Turning Point USA and her life changed after that.  She was placed in front of college students and learned the facts, her greatest weapon when arguing with liberals.  Now today she is running for US Congress in Florida and she wants to be a representative for all the people in her district and all the Hispanics across the nation that flocked to the GOP during the Trump years.

Anna shared in the interview below:

There’s absolutely human rights abuses going on every single day on our Southern border and unfortunately the Biden Administration made it very known not just nationally but internationally that they would be soft on illegal immigration, which actually increased the number of people that are coming to our Southern border.

So, this whole notion that they will call Republicans “racist” or “xenophobic” if they want border security, that’s actually extremely ignorant and also not true and dangerous….

…He who controls the largest minority in this country will control power in this country and that is why you’re now seeing the shift from issues of for example, BLM and the Black community, to a massive focus now on the Hispanic demographic.  And, as we saw with Jill Biden’s phiasco in Texas.  Clearly Hispanics are not tacos, are not stupid, and we’re not buying it.

Below is the rest of this short but excellent discussion with Anna Paulina Luna.

You can help Anna Paulina Luna at her website here.

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