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Senate Democrats Adopt ‘Don’t Test, Don’t Tell’ Covid Protocol in Order to Ram Through $740 Billion ‘Inflation Reduction Act’

It was NEVER about a virus.

The government barred us from saying goodbye to loved ones in nursing homes and hospitals during the Covid pandemic.

The government didn’t allow us to have funerals for loved ones during the Covid pandemic.

Democrats barred your children from going to school.

The same Democrats who screeched about Covid-19, masks and vaccines for more than two years are now adopting a ‘don’t test, don’t tell’ protocol in order to ram through the $740 billion ‘Inflation Reduction Act.’

Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) announced Thursday evening she will support the Democrats’ $740 billion tax-and-spend bill.

Sinema was the last Democrat holdout after Manchin struck a deal with Schumer.

So now the Democrats are moving full steam ahead to get this bill rammed through.

Democrat Senators will be able to vote on this bill, which will be passed through budget reconciliation (no Republican votes needed), even if they are Covid-positive.

“Senate Democrats, some of whom have decried their GOP colleagues’ lenient attitude toward masking, have adopted an unofficial “Don’t Test, Don’t Tell,” protocol of late, particularly as they endeavor to pass the historic Inflation Reduction Act this weekend.” Puck News reported.

“One senior aide told me, “They’re not going to delay it if a member has gotten Covid. Counterparts are saying they’re not going to test anymore. It’s not an official mandate but we all know we’re not letting Covid get in the way. The deal is happening. Less testing, just wear masks and get it done.”

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer chimed in: “We’re not talking about a plan B. We’re going to stay healthy.”

Puck News also reported that Covid-positive Senators can show up and vote “you can bring your ventilator and still vote…”

The post Senate Democrats Adopt ‘Don’t Test, Don’t Tell’ Covid Protocol in Order to Ram Through $740 Billion ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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