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“I Have TRUTH on My Side, and When You Have TRUTH, You Will Ultimately Be Victorious!” – President Trump

President Trump shared moments ago that no matter what the corrupt media, corrupt Big Tech, and corrupt Democrats say, he has the Truth on his side and will therefore be ultimately victorious.

President Trump released a statement moments ago.

Like all of the other Hoaxes and Scams that they’ve used to try and silence the voice of a vast majority of the American People, I have TRUTH on my side, and when you have TRUTH, you will ultimately be victorious!

Biden’s DOJ and FBI launched a raid on President Trump’s home on Monday.  They stormed his Florida home and rampaged through his things.  The FBI even went through Melania Trump’s wardrobe and left it a mess.

Then the media claimed the FBI was after nuclear documents for the sake of the union but they sat on the warrant to raid the President’s place for days.  They lied about this because they realized how utterly outrageous there raid was.

Nothing adds up in the crazy and corrupt world of the evil Democrats.  Evil is NOT on the side of the truth.

This is why Russia collusion was proven a lie.  Joe Biden didn’t come close to winning 81 million votes in the 2020 Election…. and the list goes on.

We have TRUTH on our side, and we will ultimately be victorious!

The post “I Have TRUTH on My Side, and When You Have TRUTH, You Will Ultimately Be Victorious!” – President Trump appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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