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Get Woke Go Broke: Twitter Staff Told Bonuses To Be Reduced

When they are not actively meddling in elections, Twitter has a long, sordid history of carrying water for the woke mob. Going woke is not profitable.

On Friday, Twitter staffers were told upcoming bonus checks may be half what was expected as a result of a dismal second quarter and the ongoing court battle with Elon Musk.

In April, Musk became Twitter’s  biggest shareholder and announced plans to buy the entity for 43 billion  to transform it into a private company.  The woke left melted down at the thought of free speech being restored to the outlet.

Two dozen far-left groups wrote a letter to Twitter advertisers demanding they stop advertising on Twitter if Elon Musk purchased the social media giant.

In July, Musk’s lawyer sent a letter to the Twitter board informing them of his intention to terminate the deal due to alleged misrepresentation regarding the actual number of bots, spam accounts and other issues.  Twitter then hired lawyers to force Musk to buy the company.

The Daily Mail reports:

Company CFO Ned Segal sent an email to the companies 7,500 staffers letting them know that the bonus pool has been drained due to a $270 million net loss in the spring.

The company blamed a skittish advertising industry, which accounts for much of the platform’s revenue, that has been hesitant to spend ad dollars because of the economic uncertainty caused by the war in Ukraine.

Ned Segal, Twitter CFO, warns Twitter employees of smaller bonuses

The Gateway Pundit reported on a Project Veritas undercover video showing a senior Twitter engineer lashing out at Elon Musk, admitting the tech giant doesn’t believe in free speech.



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