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More Gaslighting: Joe Biden Is Taking Credit for President Trump’s Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Legislation

More gaslighting from America’s worst president in history.

Joe Biden is now taking credit for over-the-counter hearing aid legislation signed by President Donald Trump five years ago!

The mainstream news is dutifully pushing this out to the masses.

President Trump signed legislation in August 2017.

Last Tuesday the Biden White House announced Joe Biden had finally made hearing aids available over-the-counter.

For millions of Americans, hearing aids and the doctor’s visit to get them prescribed are too expensive. In the executive order I issued last year to increase competition in key industries and lower costs, I called on the FDA to finally make hearing aids available over the counter.

The media obediently ran with the story.

They won’t tell you President Donald Trump signed the legislation back in 2017.

Via Hearing Health Matters.

On Friday, August 18, President Trump signed the FDA Reauthorization Act into Law. Within the FDA legislation, a provision was included that directs the FDA to develop a category of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. After passing in the Senate earlier this month by a vote of 94-1, the president was expected to sign the legislation.

Via Midnight Rider and AK Kamara.

The post More Gaslighting: Joe Biden Is Taking Credit for President Trump’s Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Legislation appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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