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OAN DESTROYS ANDERSON COOPER After He Mocks Trump Attorney Christina Bobb – MUST SEE VIDEO

Trust-fund baby Anderson Cooper took a cheap shot at accomplished Trump Attorney Christina Bobb this weekend for her stint at One America News.

So OAN proceeded to do a side-by-side comparison of the two and absolutely destroyed the Fake News host at CNN.

As OAN lays out, Christina Bobb has a bachelor’s degree in English Linguistics.

Christina Bobb has THREE Masters degrees, including a master’s in national security law, master’s in business administration, and a law degree.

Anderson Cooper has no advanced degrees.

Christina Bobb also served as a law clerk at the White House Counsel’s Office.

Anderson Cooper – no advanced degree.

Christina Bobb, military service, was a captain of the US Marine Corps and served in Helmand Province in Afghanistan.

Christina served as both a prosecutor and defense counsel at Quantico, Virginia, and Stuttgart, Germany, as well as additional duties in Africa.

Anderson Cooper has no military service.

Christina Bobb also served as an attorney at Customs and Border Security in addition to her tenure as Executive Secretary for the Homeland Security Department.

Anderson Cooper has no civilian government service.

Christina Bobb also held the highest security clearance provided by the US government.

Cooper would be smart to keep his mouth shut. What a drubbing.

Via Patriots Aer in Control.

The post OAN DESTROYS ANDERSON COOPER After He Mocks Trump Attorney Christina Bobb – MUST SEE VIDEO appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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