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Bad News for Disgusting GOP Establishment: Judge Rules in Greitens Case, Finds NO EVIDENCE of Child Abuse, His Wife Lied — AND HIS CHILDREN WERE DAMAGED BY TOXIC GOP ELITE ADS

Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

Earlier this year The Gateway Pundit reported that Sheena Greitens, the ex-wife of MAGA Senate candidate Eric Greitens apparently committed felony perjury by making false allegations of abuse against her former husband.

In a 2020 affidavit, Sheena Greitens swore under oath that no material fact was left out of their divorce and parenting plan for their children, which included any abuse claims.

Then in 2022, as Eric Greitens dominated the GOP field for Missouri’s open US Senate seat being vacated by RINO Roy Blunt, Sheena came forward with new claims.  Sheena said Eric had physically abused her and her children.

But there were several problems with her new story.

First, Karl Rove admitted to communicating with Sheena Greitens before she filed this new, perjured affidavit that falsely accused Eric Greitens of abuse. Karl Rove is a well-known anti-Trump RINO notorious for pulling nasty, dirty tricks on political opponents.  This may have been his nastiest political hit yet.

Second, medical and dental records proved Sheena was lying. In these records, Sheena told doctors that her son injured his tooth while “roughhousing” with his brother. Emails obtained by The Gateway Pundit also revealed that Sheena repeatedly attributed the injury to roughhousing.

Earlier this week a Missouri judge ruled on the Greitens case.

The judge ruled there was no abuse of the children by their father Eric Greitens. And not just that, the judge also said there was no likelihood of abuse. She said all of the evidence shows that this was a complete lie. The children have never even been at risk.

Not only was there no abuse, but they’ve also never been at risk or vulnerable by their parent. And then they quote from the guardian ad litem. The Guardian ad lightem is a representative for the children. She said the harm that came to the children, the only harm that’s been done to the kids was from these public accusations and toxic lies. The constant ads attacking their father and suggesting the children were abused kids was harmful to the children.

Establishment RINOs spent nearly $12 million the last five weeks of the primary race for US Senator saying Joshua and Jacob Greitns were abused children. The ads ran repeatedly in Missouri homes.

Here is the ad Show Me Values PAC ran against Eric Greitens in the final weeks.

Here’s another ad by Show Me Values PAC.

So they were not just lying about Eric Greitens, they were lying about his children. What sick, sick people!

This is one of the worst attacks ever on a political candidate. And, notice that this was an establishment Republican PAC attacking a Republican candidate. They would NEVER run a campaign like this against a Democrat!

The smears ruined Greitens and his hopes for representing Missouri in the US Senate.

On Wednesday local 97.1 FM morning host Marc Cox mentioned the lawsuit on his show.

Eric Greitens was once again exonerated.

Recently, Judge Roy Moore was awarded $8.2 million in a defamation suit against a liberal group that accused him of sexual crimes.

Eric Greitens may also decide to seek justice.

It was a horrible attack on Greitens — it was a vicious attack on his children.

There are a few GOP establishment operatives who may want to lawyer up.

Eric Greitens will not likely let this pass.

And for the record — This is the second time in one week that Greitens was exonerated by a court.

On Monday the highest court in Missouri ruled that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner would be fined $750 for her wrongdoing in the Eric Greitens case. The Soros-funded circuit attorney was able to push false and malicious accusations against then governor Greitens that eventually forced him from office.

Gardner repeatedly lied during her testimony and engaged in 62 acts of misconduct and 79 false representations in her prosecution of Eric Greitens. For some reason, Gardner was allowed to keep her law license and her job as St. Louis circuit attorney.

The post Bad News for Disgusting GOP Establishment: Judge Rules in Greitens Case, Finds NO EVIDENCE of Child Abuse, His Wife Lied — AND HIS CHILDREN WERE DAMAGED BY TOXIC GOP ELITE ADS appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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