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Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Booed Off Stage in a Biden +10 District

Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel spoke at an event in Royal Oak, MI called the “Arts, Beats and Eats” Festival over Labor Day weekend.  It is not clear if she actually gave a speech or if she was just introducing the next band, but within the first few seconds of her speaking, the host had to come on stage to ask the crowd to “respect” her.  The boos continued.  Nessel went straight to introducing the band and quickly exited the stage.

Royal Oak is in Oakland County, MI.  It is a “Biden +12 district“, as they’ll have you believe (but will not confirm with an audit of the hand-marked paper ballots), in the 2020 Presidential election where Michigan shut down counting for hours in the middle of the night while trucks showed up at 4am with cart loads full of boxes of ballots, and while a mini-van with City of Detroit placards but Indiana plates and just one driver, no witnesses, no chain of custody, showed up after polls closed as well with an estimated 4500 ballots.


This story is just now surfacing thanks to Gustavo Portela (@gusportela) sharing it on Twitter.  How does a Democrat candidate in a democrat stronghold who’s allegedly polling ahead of her opponent, Matt Deperno, get booed at an event that is in her key demographic?  Dana Nessel didn’t seem to inclined to put that part of the day up to her Twitter page, but she did put up her Tambourine dance during the band’s performance.

This is reminiscent of  Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, from neighboring state Minnesota, being booed of the stage at a Somalian Independence Day celebration.  Omar herself is a Somalian refugee.  Yet they still booed her incessantly.  But of course she garnered enough support to win her primary.

Perhaps Michiganders don’t appreciate the weaponization of their elected offices  against their political opponents.  Especially in the shadows of Joe Biden and his divisive Moloch speech two weeks ago around the same time.

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