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President Trump Rated Top Presidential Golfer in History – Joe Biden Claims a 6 Handicap to Reach Second Place

President Trump is the greatest Presidential golfer in history.  Biden can’t do anything without lying.  

According to the DC Enquirer:

GolfDigest published a list of the top 20 golf handicaps of all of the Presidents of the United States on Sunday. Forty-fifth President Donald Trump, of course, won first place by almost five points

The top-ten ranking, titled “Presidential Golfers Ranked By Handicap,” first lists Trump with a 2.8 handicap, President Joe Biden with a 6.7 handicap, President John F. Kennedy with a 7 handicap, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt with an 8 handicap.

The remaining ten of the list are President George H.W. Bush with an 11 handicap, President Bill Clinton with a 12 handicap, President Gerald Ford with a 12 handicap, President Richard Nixon with a 12 handicap, President Barack Obama with a 13 handicap, President George W. Bush with a 15 handicap, President Dwight D. Eisenhower with an 18 handicap, and President William Taft with a 20 handicap.

Eric Trump knew his father was the best Presidential golfer in history, but like the rest of us, no one believes Biden is a 6 handicap.


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We reported on Biden’s golf outing last year.  He still claimed he held a 6 handicap.

Dementia Joe Biden Went Golfing on 87th Day in Office – Biden Lies In Golf Too and Reports Himself as a 6 Handicap

Biden is not even close to being the golfer or athlete that President Trump is.  Look at the shot Biden takes in the video below.  It goes backward.

The post President Trump Rated Top Presidential Golfer in History – Joe Biden Claims a 6 Handicap to Reach Second Place appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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