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GOP Candidate for Senate in Washington State Receives Cease and Desist Letters for Highlighting Democrat Failures and Lawlessness

Pointing out the Truth about Democrats gets you threats of lawsuits.

(We know this well at The Gateway Pundit!)

Three Seattle-based far-left companies including the Seattle Times are demanding GOP Senate Candidate Tiffany Smiley stop using them in her ads on Democrat failures and lawlessness.

Tiffany Smiley cut an ad showing a shuttered Starbucks coffee shop in downtown Seattle.  The city is so violent and lawless under Democrat rule that even Starbucks had to shut down in the city.

It’s a great ad. The truth hurts.

The Seattle Times is threatening Tiffany Smiley for using an image from their report on Starbucks closing its doors. This same leftist paper allowed Murray to use their logo and headlines for her 2016 campaign.

The Seattle Times reported:

Three Seattle-based corporations, including The Seattle Times, have asked Tiffany Smiley, the Republican challenger for U.S. Senate, to stop using their copyrighted material in campaign ads, spurring a fiery response from Smiley’s campaign, which filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

The Seattle Times, Starbucks and the Seattle Seahawks each, over the past few weeks, has objected to Smiley campaign ads that contain the companies’ corporate logos.

In response, Smiley’s campaign accused The Seattle Times of illegally using corporate resources to support her opponent, Sen. Patty Murray, a five-term Democrat.

Both candidates have raised millions of dollars for a campaign in which Smiley has focused on issues of inflation and crime and said Murray has little to show for her 30 years in office, while Murray has touted Democratic victories on COVID aid, health care and climate and hit Smiley for opposing abortion rights.

Smiley’s campaign lawyers Thursday wrote to the FEC, accusing The Seattle Times of letting Murray use the newspaper’s logo and headlines in ads for her 2016 campaign, while objecting when Smiley did similarly this year.

The post GOP Candidate for Senate in Washington State Receives Cease and Desist Letters for Highlighting Democrat Failures and Lawlessness appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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