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Shocking Video of Masked Daycare Employee Terrorizing Toddlers Sparks Massive Outrage

A shocking video of adults terrorizing a group of toddlers at a daycare center in Hamilton, Mississippi has gone viral this week, sparking massive outrage online and in the local community.

The video, which was reportedly taken on Tuesday, Oct. 4th, shows several staff members at ‘Lil’ Blessings Daycare’ gathered around a group of very young children during their snack time. To the toddlers’ surprise, one of the employees then comes into the room wearing a ‘Scream’ Halloween mask and begins traumatizing them and screaming in their faces as they cry and tremble in fear.

The masked daycare employee methodically goes around the table, stopping at each individual child for maximum terror.

The employee does not stop even when it’s visibly obvious that the toddlers are in extreme distress. At least one other employee can be heard laughing throughout the disturbing incident.

In what world is this ok? And it’s presumably all for a TikTok video…



Naturally, the video caused an immediate and intense backlash, with many calling for the employees to be investigated for child abuse, or, at the very least, lose their jobs – and rightfully so. This is completely unacceptable.

However, it gets worse. This incident was the second of its kind in the past month. Following the video going viral, the owner of the daycare spoke with local news affiliate WTVA and explained that she had discovered a second video and announced that she had fired 4 employees who had been involved in the troubling incidents.

From WTVA:

“The owner said a similar incident was also recorded in September, but the owner said she was not made aware of the incidents until the video surfaced this week on social media.

The owner did confirm four employees have been fired as a result.”

As of right now, no charges have been pressed against the former employees, but Monroe County Sheriff Kevin Crook did tell WTVA that his office is looking into the matter and would take appropriate action if necessary.

The post Shocking Video of Masked Daycare Employee Terrorizing Toddlers Sparks Massive Outrage appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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