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FBI Held Children at Gunpoint in the Driveway as They Raided Home to Arrest their Christian Father for Singing in Abortion Clinic (Video)

This is Joe Biden’s America: As previously reported last week, heavily armed  FBI agents raided a country home of Paul Vaughn in Tennessee last week.  The FBI goons swarmed the property while his wife is heard begging for answers as Biden’s Gestapo takes her husband away for being pro-life.

On Wednesday Biden’s Gestapo arrested eleven pro-life activists for a peaceful protest at an abortion clinic that took place over a year ago. The eleven pro-life activists face up to eleven years in prison and $250,000 in fines. (Details below)

Screen images from cellphone video taken by his wife show FBI agents at the front door of the home of Paul Vaughn, 55, after they arrested him at gunpoint in front of his family before they walk off refusing to answer questions while one agent comes around from behind the house.

Video was posted by Town Hall’s Mia Cathell, “One of the pro-life leaders targeted by Biden’s DOJ sent me footage of the early morning FBI raid on his family home. Paul Vaughn was placed in handcuffs by armed FBI agents in front of his children just before school drop-off. Watch as his wife pleads for answers mid-arrest:”

On Monday night Vaughn told Tucker Carlson the FBI held his children at gunpoint in the driveway while they raided their home to arrest their father for singing hymns in the hallway at an abortion clinic.

Peter Vaughn: When my kids go out to my car to go to school and the FBI pulls up, armed, running to the door. And one of them goes to the kids and holds the kids with a long gun on the side of my driveway and does not let them go into the house. That is absolutely, as my wife says, unacceptable.

Paul Vaughn was later released after 6 hours with no wallet or phone.

Vaughn now faces up to 11 years in prison. This is what a communist takeover of a country looks like.

Via Midnight Rider Channel and Tucker Carlson Tonight.

The post FBI Held Children at Gunpoint in the Driveway as They Raided Home to Arrest their Christian Father for Singing in Abortion Clinic (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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