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VIDEO: IRANIANS OUTRAGED Over Video of Anti-Riot Police Sexually Assaulting Female Protestor

The Gateway Pundit has reported on the massive the protests occurring against the brutal Iranian regime in response to Iranian woman Mahsa Amini’s  death from injuries sustained after her arrest for the “improper” wearing of a hijab.

Since Amini’s death,  Iranian men and women have continued to protest against the regime’s brutality.  The brutality against the people of Iran includes firing on protesters with an AK-47 ,  firing indiscriminately on protesters in the street from their moving vehicles, murdering Hadis Najafi , a powerful symbol of the uprisings, the kidnapping, torture, rape and murder of Nika Shakarimi and, sadly, so much more.

And yet the Biden administration has reaffirmed a commitment to returning to the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran– a deal which saw the Obama government send $100 billion to Iran, including a C-130 Hercules carrying $400 million in cash on January 16, 2016, as CNN reported. The Islamist regime then used that money to wage war and destabilize areas around the world including  Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, and Gaza.

Speaking on CBS’s “Face the Nation” in September, Sullivan said the Biden regime will continue seeking a nuclear deal with Iran even as the Iranian people risk their lives to overthrow the brutal Islamic dictatorship.

This week, a viral video shows an Iranian woman  being dragged by police by the neck and encircled by dozens of officers while the woman is abused by a gang of Islamic Republic oppressive forces.

BBC News reports:

Numerous videos of the protest have gone viral both inside and outside of Iran. This latest video, which happened in Tehran’s Argentina Square on Wednesday, shows a group of officers in protective gear and helmets surrounding a woman on a main road.

One of them grabs her by the neck and leads her into a crowd of about two dozen police, many of whom are on motorcycles.

While the woman is being forced towards one of the bikes, another officer approaches her from behind and puts his left hand on her bottom.

The woman then crouches on the ground as more officers surround her. A female voice behind the camera is heard saying: “They are pulling her hair.”

Drivers in vehicles next to where it is happening start sounding their horns, a form of protest in similar situations seen in the past few days across the country.

The woman, who appears to have no hijab, or headscarf, is then seen standing up and running away from the scene.

At this point, the same voice on the clip is heard to say: “Look at him [the security force officer], he is laughing”.

Warning, disturbing content below.

The post VIDEO: IRANIANS OUTRAGED Over Video of Anti-Riot Police Sexually Assaulting Female Protestor appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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