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Campaign Staffer Leaks Private Data to Wisconsin Media She Stole from Pro-Trump Republican Adam Steen – Who Happens to be Challenging Robin Vos in November

Adam Steen is a Wisconsin Republican who challenged dirtbag Speaker Robin Vos in the GOP primary for the 63rd district.

Robin Vos fought every step of the way to thwart the investigation of the 2020 presidential election where Joe Biden saw a mysterious drop of votes in the middle of the night to take out President Trump in the state. Vos acted more like a committed Democrat than a Republican during the entire investigative process in Wisconsin. He ended all of the election integrity investigations and canceled outstanding subpoenas of Democrat mayors immediately after winning his primary against Adam Steen by a couple of hundred votes.

Adam Steen is running a write-in campaign for Representative to the Wisconsin Assembly District 63.

Recently a former campaign volunteer for Adam Steen stole information from his campaign and private business and ran to the press with it. Local Wisconsin officials told The Gateway Pundit they believe this operative Joann Koenecke could be linked to Robin Vos. They are planning on taking legal action.

Adam Steen released this statement on Sunday.

October 16, 2022

“I recently learned that someone I believed to be a trusted friend and volunteer campaign staff member made an unauthorized disclosure of archival data from both my campaign and private business. I can only assume that she acted with the intention of peddling this information to media outlets to attempt to damage my campaign and personal reputation. She had tried this before, but I demonstrated that she selectively edited the audio released to try to paint me in a negative light. I anticipate that she may use similar tactics in this latest breach of trust. This woman has committed a crime and we have begun the process of corrective action.

“The timing of these actions leaves little doubt that this is a desperate and blatantly political attack intended to derail my campaign just weeks before the election. Further, this appears to be yet another desperate attempt by my weak and corrupt opponent to distract the voters from the fact that he has done little to nothing over the past 17 years to make them safer and more prosperous. He continues to demonstrate himself to be a lying coward and I hold him in the highest contempt—and I’m hardly alone in this mindset.

“These are the very tactics—all too common in the Madison swamp—that disgust Wisconsinites, especially the voters in the 63rd District. This is one of the main reasons I decided to run in the
first place. I will be undeterred and will continue to offer the voters of this district a candidate willing to fight for those values we hold most dear.”


Friends of Kevin Adam Steen uses the REI Black Book as the campaign’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This CRM system includes the campaign’s official phone number and
uses a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app that allows staff and volunteers to receive and make calls for the campaign on their individual devices. Upon advice from its vendor and other trusted advisors, the campaign utilized an archive function within the app that kept recordings of these calls. Ironically, the suggestion to create the archive was to ensure the campaign could protect itself against false assertions and accusations.

The campaign is working with its CRM vendor to further investigate this breach and is exploring potential legal options.
Candidate Adam Steen is available for interviews.

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