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The Wellness Company’s Dr. Peter McCullough On The “Brand New Model” Bringing “Freedom From Pharma” To Americans

The medical establishment’s groupthink and overreach was exposed during COVID.

No one knew how corrupt it really was — one doctor put it this way on Twitter:

On the bright side, I thank the last 2.5 years for completely waking me up to the following (list 1-10):

1. The enormous scale of corruption and conflicts of interests in Medicine

2. How Big Medicine, Big Tech and the Mainstream Media collude to push a narrative and agenda

3. How Big Pharma can wildly exaggerate the benefits of any medical intervention by pushing Relative Risk Reduction (not talking Absolute Risk Reduction and Number Needed to Treat). This has been going on for years

4. Lack of critical thinking skills among medical professionals

5. How academic medical institutions and physicians are the most “captured” of all when it comes to corporate interests

6. Culture of silence and fear within the medical profession. What happened to that hero independent doctor who stood up for their patients?

7. The notion of true data-driven Evidence Based Medicine is a joke. Groupthink is the modus operandi of the medical profession—if research doesn’t fit the narrative, it will rarely be published (even though equally low quality evidence will be promoted when it fits narrative)

8. The Medical Establishment will do anything possible to avoid truly promoting health and well-being. There’s no money in healthy people, so why seriously address the metabolic health crisis that we face (Hint: a tainted food supply of highly-processed junk is the main culprit)

9. In the USA, there is an unacceptable disgraceful merry-go-round at the top of agency decision makers and Big Business/Big Pharma. Healthcare will never improve while this is the case

10. The only solution is a complete revolution in healthcare and medicine. A complete clean up of our corrupted system and people at the top, who keep putting the patient and the true health of the country last.

The Wellness Company was recently created as a “brand new model” to fix those problems.

It is a network of doctors (including Dr. Peter McCullough) and pharmacies to get pro-freedom doctors and patients what they need (plus, Gateway Pundit benefits when you subscribe through this link or the links below).

Anyone can join their “Freedom From Pharma” Plan and get:

— a personal doctor of pharmacy

— a “de-prescribing” plan

— coaching and access to a team of pro-freedom specialists

Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive supplements like Dr. Peter McCullough’s Healthy Heart & Muscle Formula.

Click here to learn more about The Wellness Company’s Freedom From Pharma plan. 

Recently, medical hero Dr. Peter McCullough told Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft about The Wellness Company.

Watch their discussion (transcript below):

Click here to learn more about The Wellness Company’s Freedom From Pharma plan.

Highlights from the video:

Jim Hoft:
[The Wellness Company] is like everything I’ve been looking for, and I’m not just saying that, but it’s like this makes perfect sense to me. And it’s easier than – healthcare got really difficult during the COVID to get, to get to see a doctor, to get to a urgent care that a lot of people like myself used to depend on. If I got felt really sick or something, I needed antibiotic, I’d go into an urgent care. You couldn’t even get into urgent cares during the, the height of the pandemic. It was horrible and you had to sign up a day beforehand, which it’s never happened in the US as far as, you know, from my experience. But so this really seems like a good plan. And you’re gonna be involved in this also, correct?

Dr. Peter McCullough:
That’s true. I’ve taken the position as the Chief Scientific Officer, So I’ll be working with a cadre of colleagues, experts, medical specialists, primary care experts to guide the company. And the company will be able to handle, obviously, urgent care types, things like, you know, upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections. There are laboratory packages that apply to certain illnesses various diagnostics, you know, pharmacies that will get the medicines to patients promptly. And very importantly, nutraceuticals, supplements coaching, wellness. There’s a big focus here of patients taking responsibility for themselves. And you know what: employers are going for this, Employers are seeing their costs go through the roof and with the packages, with the wellness company, they’re gonna offer it to their employees and say, You know what? Use the Wellness Company. It’s gonna be far less expensive than copays and all this you billing to insurance, which is, you know, just increases the cost dramatically.

It is a bright new solution. A lot of credit to Foster Colson and the team that he’s assembled. He’s brought in large groups of doctors now that will be working in, initially in a virtual environment. I think it’ll quickly go to face to face centers around the country. But it’s a brand new model, and it’s gonna have a lot of expertise on the remaining acute COVID cases as well as long COVID and now vaccine injuries syndromes. This is gonna be a very, very important book of business. You know, patients who have vaccine injury, myocarditis, blood clots – they go see their doctors and the doctors say it’s not due to the vaccine. Oh. And patients are absolutely flabbergasted. They take the vaccine, the FDA says the vaccines cause these problems, and the doctors are denying it.

Click here to learn more about The Wellness Company and their Freedom From Pharma plan.

Jim Hoft:
Right. That’s unbelievable. Especially with the children who never should have been taking the vaccine. There was never, ever any evidence from the get go from back in Italy when Italy had its outbreak that children were being infected in a large extent by this disease. It just wasn’t there. You know, I talked to Foster and he brought up a term I had never heard. He called it instead of prescribed, he called it “De-prescribed” from different pharmaceuticals. And that was part of what he wanted to do. Can you explain that a little bit?

Dr. Peter McCullough:
You know, there are some opportunities for what’s called “deprescribing.” So as patients improve, I mean, one of the single greatest things that people can do is for who are overweight or obese, lose weight. You’ll be amazed how many medicines can be basically deprescribed or not needed anymore with weight loss. Another is improving diet. As diet is improved it is amazing how many how many medicines are not needed. And not only that, but there’s a lot more research now on nutraceuticals and supplements, which are, you know, available over the counter or available through the Wellness Company store. They’re very inexpensive. And there are conditions where there’s just classically medicines piled on that are ineffective. So, for instance: peripheral neuropathies. Oh my Lord, there’s so many peripheral neuropathies now post COVID, and with the post vaccine injury and all the drugs that are used at he toxicities they’re minimally effective.

Now, there’s an entire area of neuropsychiatric disease, for instance, where drugs are prescribed, they’re minimally effective. And alternative approaches are, are being sought. So, you know, we really are gonna bolster with experts who, who have the ability, in a sense, to de-prescribe or safely take people into simpler medication regimens. Not every American needs to be walking around on, you know, six to 16 different prescription medicines. I mean, we have to get to a point of being reasonable. Now, I’m a traditional allopathic doctor in my practice here in Dallas. I prescribe drugs every day. But I do recognize there is a risk of overprescribing it. And I see this commonly in American medicine, though.

(transcript continued below)

Jim Hoft:
It, it sounds like an idea whose time has come. It really does. I’m excited to hear more about it. Can you tell people how to sign up for the Wellness Company? Do you have any idea how we go about that?

Dr. Peter McCullough:
It’s a pretty simple website:, and it’ll take you right into the website. I encourage everybody to sign up with the subscription, just get the benefits, it’s very affordable, and then that way they’ll have access. Many are signing up to, you know, get on base with the primary doctor. So instead of having to get in line, as you described, to go to an urgent care, just get on – it’s on an iPhone app – and cell phone app. So just get on the app. That way you can get your medicines refilled. You know, get, get other benefits. There’s some wonderful health and education media that’s been that’s being developed right now. Coaching diet plans. I can tell you as a doctor you know, I have always recommended in certain conditions of the use of nutraceuticals and supplements based on randomized trials and high quality sources of evidence. But I’ve never had all the different components assembled into a single supplement. We’ve actually done that along the lines of cardiovascular, about immune boosting and other conditions. So I think the supplements are particularly unique and beneficial and people will find them useful – and evidence based. Cause I’ve been doing this in my practice. I’ve just never had, in a sense at all, assembled into a single affordable supplement.

Jim Hoft:
Fantastic. Well, thank you so much for spending in some time with, with me, and I look forward to have conversations in the future. And thank you for your courage again, for standing up and we look forward to hearing more about the Wellness Company. Thanks so much, Doctor. I hope you get your Twitter account back.

Dr. Peter McCullough:
Well, thanks. Listen, you can follow me. Go to That’s my link trait that takes you to all my social medias well as my new book, Courage to Face COVID 19.

Jim Hoft:
Okay. Thank you so much.

Dr. Peter McCullough: Thank you.

Click here to learn more about The Wellness Company and their Freedom From Pharma plan.

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