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Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett Declines to Hear Challenge to Joe Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Thursday declined to hear a challenge to Joe Biden’s unconstitutional student loan forgiveness program.

Joe Biden unilaterally announced a massive forgiveness of student loans in August.

Biden canceled up to $10,000 in student debt for borrowers who earn $125,000 a year or less and up to $20,000 for recipients of Pell Grants, NBC News reported.

The Brown County Taxpayers Association filed an emergency appeal with the Supreme Court to block Biden’s student loan forgiveness program shortly after the Biden Regime began accepting applications from borrowers.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett declined the emergency application from the Wisconsin-based organization without comment.

NBC News reported:

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Thursday denied a request by a Wisconsin taxpayers group to halt the implementation of President Joe Biden’s federal student loan forgiveness program.

Barrett, who is responsible for emergency applications from Wisconsin, rejected the Brown County Taxpayers Association request to block the program just days after the Biden administration began accepting applications from borrowers to have as much as $20,000 in student debt canceled.

The emergency application was filed Wednesday.

Barrett appeared to act on her own without referring the matter to the other justices. She did not provide an explanation for rejecting the emergency request, which is not uncommon.

A federal judge on Thursday dismissed a separate lawsuit challenging Biden’s loan forgiveness program.

In the lawsuit filed last month, Pacific Legal Foundation argued Joe Biden did not have the authority to cancel student loan debt.

“Nothing about loan cancellation is lawful or appropriate,” the lawyers said in the lawsuit filed last month by the Pacific Legal Foundation. “In an end-run around Congress, the administration threatens to enact a profound and transformational policy that will have untold economic impacts. The administration’s lawless action should be stopped immediately.”

Two days later lawyers from 6 Republican states sued to block Biden’s loan forgiveness program.

A federal judge on Thursday blocked that lawsuit, NBC News reported.

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