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BOOM! Kari Lake: “Mitch McConnell Needs to Wake Up – Republican Party is Not About Elites Like Mitch in DC” (VIDEO)

The fabulous Kari Lake joined Maria Bartiromo this morning on Sunday Morning Futures.

During their conversation, Kari commented on AWOL Katie Hobbs who not only skips debates with her GOP opponent but skips work most of the year.

When asked why Mitch McConnell will not fund Republican candidate Blake Masters, Kari Lake had this to say.

Kari Lake: You know I’ve been getting support. We’re actually going to transform and make the Republican Party better when we get in because we’re going to have the people with us. So I think Mitch McConnell needs to wake up and realize that the Republican Party is about We the People. It’s not about political elites like Mitch in DC. He’s got to start representing the people. And we’re goint to actually strengthen this party, Maria. We have an amazing movement here in Arizona. And it’s the people in Arizona stepping forward and realizing they have to take the government back. And I think Mitch should actually embrace this. I am receiving support from the RNC, the Arizona GOp and the Republican Governor’s Association have stepped in to help out. They are running ads that are helping me. So I appreciate any help that I get.

Love her.
Kari Lake is not afraid to speak the truth and call out corruption on both sides.

Via Sunday Morning Futures.

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